Welcome to Choreo Crunch’s Theme-Based Dance Competition, an extraordinary showcase where creativity knows no bounds, and choreographers bring to life a myriad of themes through the art of dance. This  competition is not just a stage; it’s a canvas where each performance paints a unique story, captivating audiences and judges alike.

Choreo Crunch’s Theme-Based Dance Competition is a celebration of artistic expression, inviting choreographers to delve into a world of themes that resonate with emotions, narratives, and cultural richness. From the traditional to the avant-garde, every theme is a palette waiting to be explored.

Judging Criteria:

Our esteemed panel of judges evaluates performances based on creativity, execution, emotional impact, and theme adherence. We encourage choreographers to not only showcase their technical prowess but also infuse their performances with the essence of the chosen theme.

How to Participate:

  • Enquire:  Express your interest in the Theme-Based Dance Competition by reaching out to Choreo Crunch.
  • Choreograph: Craft a captivating dance routine that brings your chosen theme to life.
  • Register: Officially register for the competition through Choreo Crunch.
  • Performance: Showcase your theme-based performance to a global audience.

Choreo Crunch’s Theme-Based Dance Competition is more than a competition; it’s a journey into the boundless realms of creativity, where each choreographer’s interpretation of a theme becomes a work of art. Join us on this exhilarating dance odyssey, where themes come alive, stories unfold, and choreography becomes a language that speaks to the soul. Let the dance begin! 

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Dandiya, a vibrant and colorful dance form that is not only a cultural expression but also a joyful celebration of the Navaratri festival.
We Organized 1st ever biggest and only dandiya event in Crossings Republik. It was organized by our former name The Hobby Club.
“We conduct Hobby mania every year. It is a mix of many HOBBIES WITH NO age LIMIT like “Dance, craft, art, robotics, theater, cycling etc. Join us for a day  of excitement, discovery, and the magic that happens when diverse hobbies come together. Hobby Mania is not just an event. It’s a celebration of the things that make life colorful and fulfilling. Come be a part of the mix, and let the hobby mania begin!”
Summer Wings is Summer Camp for kids 5-15 yrs. Only. It’s a 10 day program with indoor & outdoor activities.  A program designed to provide recreational Activity in the form of Young minds developmental Journey through Dance.