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Specializes in Pre-wedding choreography, Sangeet choreography, Bride- Groom entry choreography. Recently we’ve added Bridal Fitness Camp in our Wedding Packages.


Come let’s make it happen together… Your “CELEBRITY SANGEET EVENING” and we say it “#YOUR STAR NIGHT”
See you in practice sessions…

Benefits If You Hire Us

(Wedding Choreography Services)

And here comes the bonus:

(Radiant Bridal Fitness Camp)

For more Learnings & wedding videos Click Here
For more Learnings & wedding videos Click Here

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Mayank S

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Sukirti Chandra for our wedding choreography, and I must say that she is nothing short of a miracle-worker! She turned our wedding dances into breathtaking performances, and we are eternally grateful for her dedication and talent. Thank you, Sukirti, for making our wedding a truly enchanting.

Divya 9

Amazing work done by her in my wedding. She’s so patient with non-dancers as well. Did amazing choreography with the concept. Totally loved it!!

Sudhanshu M

Very Supportive, Happy girl with a smiling face, she shows her professionalism in her work. on the other hand she is too sociable and friendly in nature. The decision was right to hire her. during practice sessions, we felt like shes just part of our family. Recommended.